Dog walker review-Myrtle

Jane, Robyn & Myrtle Beckerleg

“This is one of the best decisions we have ever made. From the moment Linda came into our lives she has become a very special “mum” to Myrtle. Linda clearly loves her job, and loves her dogs. She provides not only excellent company and exercise for Myrtle but she has also been doing training with her, which her two mums – Jane and Robyn – sure have appreciated. When Myrtle goes out it’s not just for a little spin down the park she is out for hours and comes home happy and exhausted. Importantly she has learnt great socialisation skills with other dogs.

I happened to be at home last week when Linda arrived. It may not seem possible but Myrtle did a triple somersault with delight and excitement to see her; such is her love for Linda. Many thanks to FETCH for such a fantastic service. We would highly recommend FETCH dog walking to any dog owner!”