These terms and conditions apply to every FETCH dog walking and minding assignments you request under the FETCH brand. References to “us”, “we”, “our“, “walker” and “FETCH” in these terms and conditions refers to Guardians (NZ) Limited (trading as “FETCH”) including its employees, agents and contractors.  References to “you”, “your”, “yours”, and “Customer” in these terms and conditions refers to you as the Client, including employees, agents and contractors.  Nothing in these terms and conditions affect your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.


  1. Our Services:  We provide dog walking and farm stay services for dog owners whereby your dog is walked and/or boarded by us.  We always try to learn about your dog’s likes and dislikes and any special requirements so we can provide the best level of service. It is your responsibility to fully inform us of any special requirements in relation to the care of your dog, including dietary, temperament (including, for example, with children, men, cats, livestock and other dogs), medication and any health issues. We will make a reasonable effort to comply with your stated special requirements but you accept full responsibility for any outcome, including any losses, cost or other expense from your failure to inform us of any special requirement.
  2. Our team: Each team member undergoes a thorough pre-employment screening process before joining FETCH, which includes interviews, property inspection (if needed) and verbal reference checks to ensure they are capable of providing the high standard of care required by us. Each walker is also under contract with FETCH to provide a high standard of care for each dog they are responsible for. We are confident in the abilities and attitudes of all our walkers and the high quality of care given. We make every effort to maintain a high standard of integrity and reliability amongst our dog walkers.
  3. Transport:  As part of our services our walkers will transport your dog, for example to the park for a walk or on errands if you specify the dog is not to be left alone.  We will use all reasonable efforts to transport your dog safely and in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 1999. If you require your dog to be harnessed while traveling, you must supply the harness. Please advise us if you do not wish for your dog to be transported.
  4. Registration: It is your responsibility to maintain your dog’s current registration. If we incur any fines as a result of your dog being unregistered, you will be held responsible and must reimburse us for any costs, losses or other expenses incurred as a result.
  5. Vaccination and health: You agree to inform us of any change in your dog’s circumstances, including health and temperament. You agree to maintain your dog’s vaccination, flea and worm regime and provide us with updated vaccination certificates from time to time upon request.
  6. FarmStays and CityStays Movements:  FETCH provides FarmStays and CityStays when customers request accommodations for their dog.  Due to the dogs living and sleeping in close proximity to each other in the Farm House or Dog Lounge and NOT kennelled – we reserve the right to move dogs between the Farm and the City to make sure we balance the packs and provide an environment where they can all thrive and succeed on a daily basis.
  7. FarmStay and CityStay Instructions:

    1. Food – Please provide enough for the full stay in a non-returnable container or bag.
    1. If food is forgotten, the cost for feeding your dog is $10 + GST a day – this provides two meals.
    2. Please do not bring bedding, toys, leads or bowls.  We provide these.
    3. Please provide a collar and name tag.
    4. Make sure vaccinations are up to date and will be up to date for the duration of the stay.
    5. Details of your usual veterinarian for any emergencies or care. 
    6. Emergency contact details.
    7. If your dog is not scheduled for a Fetch Walk on the day of pick up please make sure your dog has been exercised.  This allows them to settle into their stay.
    8. FAQs can be found at


  8. FarmStay and CityStay Unwanted Dogs: We reserve the right to remove a dog from a FarmStay or CityStay if they are unable to settle, are extremely anxious, can cause potential injury, are a constant barker or a flight risk.  If any of these dogs are classified as one of the above we will look to re-assign your dog to a different boarding arrangement and advise you of this.
  9. Dangerous dogs: We do not accept any responsibility for any costs, losses, damage or other expense incurred if your dog attacks, bites, or behaves with menace towards any FETCH walker, any third party or animal while in our care. In extreme circumstances, such loss may include the loss of your dog. Any serious incident may be reported to the appropriate authorities. You agree to fully reimburse us for any costs, losses, damage or other expense incurred as a result of any such incident by your dog, including, but not limited to, medical expenses and property damage. In such a case no refunds will be given.
  10. Lost dogs: As the majority of our walking is off-lead we do experience from time to time a dog may run or walk away from the pack, this can happen for myriad reasons.  We will make all endeavours to locate your dog.  We have our own systems and processes for locating a dog.  If you wish to contract a third party into the search we are happy to work alongside them, however we will not stand down, but will continue to use all resources at our disposal to find your dog.
  11. De-sexing:  FETCH’s top priority is the safety of all the dogs in our care.  Because we have dogs in packs, we strive to ensure each individual dog is comfortable and happy.  De-sexing helps ensure a happy and healthy pack. De-sexing your dog brings untold benefits such as improving behavior – preventing roaming, aggression, marking, humping, dominance and biting.  Also de-sexed dogs live longer and healthier lives – preventing cancer, and unwanted pregnancies etc.  We strongly recommend your dog is de-sexed at six to eight months, we will do our best to prevent unwanted pregnancies but cannot be held responsible if you choose to wait longer to have your dog de-sexed and they become pregnant.
  12. Veterinary care:  In the event your dog becomes ill or is injured, we may need to take your dog to a veterinary clinic or animal hospital. If, for any reason, your usual veterinary office is not available or reasonably accessible, we reserve the right to take your dog for treatment to another veterinary office at our discretion. We will make a reasonable attempt to contact you before any services are rendered, but in the event that we are unable to contact you, you provide pre-approval for treatment for your dog up to $500.00. You are fully responsible for all costs incurred by us in such circumstances and agree to fully reimburse us for all veterinary services rendered up for your dog. You agree that we are not responsible for the results or outcome of the veterinary treatment.
  13. Invoicing and payments: We invoice for walking a week in advance.  Invoices are sent on a Monday for the following week’s walks.  Invoices are due seven days after the date of invoice. Invoices can be amended up to and including the Friday of the week before the due date if there are any additions or deletions to your walking schedule.  For overpayments, a credit will be applied to your FETCH account for the following week’s walks.  We do not issue refunds.  FETCH accepts payments via bank transfer only.
  14. Suspension of services: FETCH reserves the right to suspend services if payment schedules are not up-kept. Any failure to pay will result in your debt being forwarded to a debt collector and may result in accruing further charges which you agree to cover in full.
  15. Cancellation Policy: For Daily Dog Walking cancellation must be received before 8am on the day for no charge.  Cancellations after 8am will incur the full walking charge.  However a no charge may be granted if requested under certain circumstances. Cancellations for Christmas and New Year FarmStays and CityStays can be received with a minimum of five day’s notice or more for a full refund.  Any cancellation after this will incur a full charge.  Any other time of year cancellations will involve a full refund.
  16. Annual Review: FETCH reserves the right to review pricing rates annually.
  17. Limitation of liability: You agree that we are not liable for any losses or damage, whether indirect, consequential, special or punitive.
  18. Exclusivity:  All bookings, and changes to bookings, must be made directly with us. Our dog walkers are contractually obliged not to make bookings directly with clients.  Any attempt to book directly with one of our walkers may result in your contract being terminated and us being unable to provide services for you.
  19. Feedback: We always welcome your feedback by phone, email or post. Please contact us if you ever have any queries, concerns or comments about anything to do with our services or staff. Do not contact staff directly. We are more than happy to discuss your comments with you and then pass them onto our staff member(s).
  20. Term and variations: We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions from time to time and you will be provided with a copy of any such update. We reserve the right to terminate our engagement with you at any time at our discretion.
  21. GoPros: I understand that FETCH handlers may use GoPro’s while collecting and returning dogs for accountability and security purposes only.
    All footage relating to collection and returning of dogs is used for internal purposes ONLY and is erased after a period of time.