Frequently Asked Questions


What areas do you cover?
We cover several areas around Auckland such as Grey Lynn, Mt Eden, Avondale, Titirangi, Remuera, St Heliers, Birkenhead and all areas in between. Please contact us if you are unsure about a particular area. 

Do you provide casual services?
All FETCH dogs must come out for a minimum of two walks a week with us. We do this as regularity and consistency within the pack is important to ensure that all dogs are comfortable with us. 

Do we need to provide you with a key?
While it is not essential, we do ask all clients to provide a copy of their key (or door code) to give us quick and easy access to the pups as well as giving you the freedom and flexibility to go about your day as normal.

How long will my dog be out for?
The walks are one hour long although your dog will likely be out of the house for an hour and a half to two and a half hours depending on where the handlers walk the dogs and the traffic on the roads.

What if it’s raining?
FETCH will walk your dog in any weather conditions so you don’t have to! If your dog is wet or muddy, we will rinse and towel dry them, so no dirty paw prints are left in the house! If you dog is scared of thunder, please let us know so we can take action to make sure your dog is feeling as safe as possible. 

What requirements must my dog need to have?
All FETCH dogs must be fully vaccinated, flead and wormed to attend pack walks as well as being desexed if they are over the age of one year.  However if your dog is entire over a year we will determine acceptance within the pack on a case by case basis.  We strongly recommend all dogs are desexed by the age of a year! A desexed dog is a happy and healthier dog! Dogs must also understand basic commands and be friendly and sociable with humans and other dogs.


Where is the farm located?
Our Farm is located 25 minutes outside Auckland Central in the Waitakere Ranges. The farm is 10 acres of native bush and pasture. Your dog can explore in the wide open spaces to run, play and fetch!

Can any dog come and stay at the farm?
No. First and foremost we only accept FETCH dogs. Your dog also must be desexed, vaccinated, flead and wormed.

Where will my dog sleep?
All FETCH Dogs sleep inside the farmhouse and lounge. We provide dog bedding and couches for them to sleep and laze on.

Do I have to drop and pick my dog up?
Nope! We pick up and drop off all FETCH dogs at no extra charge, making it stress free for you and your dog.

When do you pick up my dog?

Monday to Friday: we pick up and drop home dogs between 10am and 12pm on the day they come to stay – unless they normally have a walk on that particular day then it would be in the morning runs pick up time.

Saturdays: sorry! There are NO pick ups or drop offs.

Sundays: we drop off and pick up between 10am and 12pm.

Can I provide food?
Yes! We do not provide your dog with food during their stay at the farm. It’s important they have their own food in order to avoid upset stomachs. We also find they settle in quicker if they are given the food they are familiar with.

Do I need to provide my dog with anything?
Please provide enough food for your dogs stay in a non-returnable container or bag. Beds, blankets and toys will be provided at the farm.

Will you be able to medicate my dog during their stay?
Absolutely! Please provide the medication with instructions.