Why Dog Walking?

Free up time in your busy Auckland life


Fetch Dog Walking will help to free up some of your time, so you can focus on your own work and play. Life in New Zealand's largest city can get pretty hectic and having a work life balance that works for us means we can't be there for our dogs 24/7. We can help to create a chilled, stress free environment to come home to. No more marathon walks on arrival home after a hard days work and knowing that you can devote more time to those other parts of your life that often need more attention.

Behavioural management


We have found that many behavioural issues in dogs can often be easily solved through regular Fetch walking. We believe in positive reinforcement of good behaviour and making sure dogs don't get rewarded for unwanted behaviour, therefore control over a pack is paramount.

Burn off extra energy


Your dog will need to channel his/her energy somewhere. If he has too much extra energy, that might show up as hyperactivity, night time activity (when you’re trying to sleep), bad behavior (like jumping and barking excessively), or even being destructive to items in your home. Regular Fetch walks can help your dog use up that energy in healthy ways.

Training and socialisation time


What better way to work on your dog's training than while on a walk with Fetch? We can use this time to practice commands like come, sit and stay. Fetch walking helps to build confidence and socialisation skills with dogs and humans.

Increase trust in humans and the wider world


Meeting new Fetch walkers and continually being exposed to new environments goes a long way to building a stronger sense of self within your dog.

Physical and mental stimulation


Dogs get bored, especially if they are left alone for most of the day. There are some things you can do to help keep your dog entertained and stimulated while you are not there however going for a regular Fetch walk will do wonders to keep them happy and also leads to greater mental health.

Natural roaming and exploring instincts


All dogs want to check out their surroundings. Once they know their immediate area well, they are likely to want to expand their territory. Taking your dog for regular Fetch walks can help to satisfy this instinct.

Gastrointestinal health


Regular Fetch walks can have some benefits to your dog’s gastrointestinal health. Fetch walks can help to keep things moving and may help to relieve constipation.

Weight management and a good heart


Many dogs are unhealthy, and the main cause is not enough regular exercise. As dogs get older, their metabolism tends to slow down, and it is easier for them to gain weight. Starting a regular Fetch walking routine can help your dog reach and maintain ideal body weight and condition.

Managing arthritis and general joint pain


It doesn’t seem to make sense, but regular Fetch walks can actually help manage arthritis pain. If you or someone close to you have arthritis, you’ll know that it hurts the worst first thing in the morning, but tends to get better though the day. That’s because motion and use of the joints helps with the pain. Sometimes medications are also necessary but regular Fetch walks will definitely help keep those joints limber.